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WTO is specialized in the design and manufacturing of high precision toolholders for Turning Centers and lathes.

As recognized pioneer and leader in its industry, WTO has always set the benchmarks for driven tool technology with its inventions and new developments.

Our technological and qualitative superior products are known for achieving higher productivity and long tool life.

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Product News


Product News


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CoolSpeed®: Affordable evolutionary high rotation speeds up to 75,000 RPM.
Driven by coolant, oil, air.
Power Skiving Unit:

High Productive Manufacturing of ID/OD Gears and Splines with CNC Turning Centers.

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Coromant Capto®



Review on a successful tradeshow.   The strategic partnership between Sandvik Coromant and WTO contains since 1990.  
20 Years Anniversary WTO USA


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new WTO office in China.